Air conditioning

There are many types of air conditioning units around the world and many different prices and costs of operation. Every company also charges different prices for air conditioning repair. Phoenix residents really need to be concerned about AC during the summer, but HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is important to people all over the world from different climate types.

In Hot Day!America, air conditions and the costs of operating an air condition can be really high, because the charge for electricity just keeps getting higher. Most people in America use a central air conditioning unit that cools down the whole house. This is because our economy used to be good. Central air can actually end up costing us a lot more money than individual air conditioners for each room can. There is no need to cool down the entire house, if you are only in one room. In Asia, most people have individual air conditioners and pay much less money. I will talk about that later in this article. Many Americans pay way too much to cool down their homes and should start looking for cheaper ways to cool it down. We waste way too much energy and money! There are some poor neighborhoods in America who actually do not have central air conditions and instead use individual air conditioners, which save a lot of energy and money. Usually they have cheap air conditioners that eventually need some air conditioning repair.

Now in Southeast Asia, most people do not have a central air conditioner. Most people have individual air conditioners that are on the wall in each room. They are not in the windows like some of the individual air conditioners here in the U.S. It makes the house look a lot better than having one in the window. These air conditioners only cost a few hundred dollars each for the good ones. They can cool down a room a lot faster than a central air conditioner, and they can save you a lot of money on the electric bill. In the U.S., I have always paid over $200 per month in the summer months for my electric bill. I lived in Shenzhen, China for nearly 3 years, and I can’t remember paying more than $70 except for one time when I paid about $100. I never figured out why for that one month it was $100. I felt like I got cheated. Anyway, the cost per KWH is lower in China but the other reason my bill was cheap was because I only had one air conditioner on at a time. When you go to the super market in Asia you can find many air conditioners to choose from. When it comes down to cooling down your home, Southeast Asia knows how to do it well and how to make it affordable!

In conclusion, central air condition can end up costing you a lot of money, and it can also waste a lot of energy. This will also have a big impact on the environment. The more energy you use, the more pollution you contribute to the environment. HVAC air conditioning repair can cost more for central air conditioners as well. Having individual air conditioners for each room can save you a lot of money on the electric bill. In Southeast Asia it costs less money to cool down your home.